Let me help you M.A.D.! No matter who you are we all want to M.A.D. in our lives and in the lives of others. When in business you want to make a difference with whatever you are selling and your customer to have a great experience.

Are you selling soap? You want to make your customer feel better after they have bought your product and want more. You M.A.D.!  Your soap might evoke a fragrance that reminds them of a smell from their past that made them happy. Or your soap might just make them really clean. 

Are you selling wine? Don't you want to M.A.D.!  In knowing you nailed the perfect wine for your customer. Your choice was perfect for their pallet and you M.A.D.!  They will love the taste and feel better after drinking it and want MORE. You will have a return customer and want your suggestion on another perfect pairing.

I believe that life is about M.A.D.!  in yourself and everyone you meet or sell something to. In marketing you want them to feel and be better with what you are selling to them.

I want to M.A.D. I want to help you have whatever you sell or do to make someone better or happier. You want them to have a great experience when buying your product. I can help you.

I have a lot of experience that qualifies me M.A.D.!  with your company or product. I'm passionate about wanting to help people and solving challenges. If I don't know if I will do my best to figure out how to do it. 

Volunteering has always been an important part of my life. It fulfills me that I'm helping. When I really look at my life "what do I want to do that will make me happy" I need to M.A.D.!  in helping others! So here I am helping one person, one business, or one product M.A.D.!