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Our leader, Holly Holiday had the honor of getting a BFA in Communication Design from Parsons School of Design in New York City. 


She was hired by SPIN Magazine while in school as a photo editor during the summer before her junior year and they kept me on for the next 4 years as an assistant art director to the art director and then upon graduating, I was hired as the Promotion Art Director. It was such a fun time and she met some great people and learned a lot.


Her next venture was to bring hired away to be the Associate Art Director at Calvin Klein Advertising. I call this my Grad School. It was long hours and I learned to hone my skills as a designer. Our team redesigned the whole brand to be clean and beautiful. We touched every detail of the company from Ads, Printed materials to Billboards in Times Square to make sure it was all branding was consistent throughout the entire company. From there I followed the art director of the fragrance division to Donna Karen Advertising to be their associate art director of the Men's Fragrance Packaging.


I love NC. It is the most beautiful state with all four seasons and wonderful people.


At the time that I moved back. I was tired of NY and the fashion industry. My mom was older and needed help with her health. After visiting for a wedding, I knew it was time for me to come back and take care of my mom. I am an hour from the city by plane and get back often to stay connected with friends and fresh with all that NYC gives back in inspiration.


At the time I moved back NC was booming and I knew it would be a great place to open my business and bring what I had learned to businesses in Greensboro. I started my own firm and had so many successful clients and so much fun helping them.


In 2017, the economy took a tanking and I like others saw their business taking a hit. At the same time, one of my clients offered me a job and I became the Design Director for the next 17 years for US Airways and other magazines. I knew it was time to open back up my firm after the last merger took the magazine away to another company. It was the best thing I did and so amazed every day by how blessed I am to work with so many amazing clients.


I aim to help companies build their business and succeed. My clients are like family and I look forward to all the new clients that I get to work with in the future.

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